New Shoes (How to Style Colored Shoes)

Hello little corvids! Recently I bought some new shoes that I used for a Peppermint Butler cosplay at AnimeNext.


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Even though the shoes were meant specifically for this costume, I really like the style and color. So, I found a way to mix them into my everyday outfits. (Don’t waste good shoes kids.)


One way to style “out there” colored shoes is to match the color with the rest of your outfit. Like this:


Head: trilby (Country Gentleman) with a bow attached
Top: synthetic human shirt (exclusive)
Bottom: red plaid skirt (handmade gift) and leggings
Feet: black socks and red oxfords (Dr. Martens)


You can also style shoes like this with all neutrals. Like this:


If you wear all black and add the shoes you can get a nice pop of color! Other neutrals such as grey, white, and beige should work well too. Don’t be afraid to mix up these colors as well.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that for now. I hope it has helped.



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