Not Amused (Cute Alpaca Bag)

Hello! Now that school has ended, I have more time to dedicate to my blog (until it starts again in September of course…). As mentioned in my last post, I went to AnimeNext this year with my friend. While I was there I bought a cat hat and a cute bag.

Alpacas will forever be a slight obsession of mine…

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Because of the color, it’s easier to match with different outfits. It could also serve as a laptop carrier.

This store is definitely 100% CUTE!

As shown above, this bag came from a Tasty Peach Studios stall. The lady there was super nice too.

My friend said that the alpaca reminded her of me because I’m generally a deadpan, cute kid. ;3;

Around finals week I styled this outfit. It’s kind of plain, but it was comfortable and still cute which is great for a person that likes comfort before anything. I also got more places to hold things besides the bag since I had cargo pants (I even have dresses with pockets).

As a side note, I thought it was really funny that the company that makes my favorite alpaca plushies is called Amuse. Why? Well, this bag says “Not Amused”! *cricket noises* Sorry for my terrible sense of humor…

Anyway, have a great day!



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