First Time With Makeup

So far, I have not worn makeup for anything besides dance performances or Halloween. Even then, I still didn’t wear much due to my sensitive skin and my lack of interest in it. This attitude recently (last year or so) took a turn in the opposite direction when I thought about how it would be like to become a clothing model. Most models, after all, are required to wear makeup…

Well, while looking around for some makeup I found this cute palette by Too Faced. It’s expensive for what I wanted to be a “starting out” makeup but it smells really good (like chocolate), the colors are nice, and I was told that the brand is really good.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette (picture found through Bing from

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Given that this would be my first time trying on makeup I decided to check out the instructions on the pamphlet inside.

I chose Bon Bon Babe and Bronzed Chocolate from the style guide.

Here’s my attempt at that… without brushes because as a “newb” I wasn’t even aware that they would help.

I have my eyes closed and open so you get a better view.

I’m not actually a fan of the color pink, but it stands out on my skin… After I practice some more and use my brushes I hope to get better at this. Maybe I’ll even wear it out sometimes. 😀

That’s all for this post. I will start to make a schedule of my posts so I can give more content (and to stay on track). Have a great day little corvids!



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