Before the Sewing Class

This title is quite literal as these pictures and events were done before my dad and I were to attend a sewing class called Sewing 101 at Joann. Although I already knew how to use my sewing machine, I still had some issues with it and my dad wanted to learn how to sew so we took this class. Although we learned the very basics I think it helped us to understand the machines better and I was actually able to keep my thread from getting stuck this time!

Back to the before events… Being a, now, working kid and wanting to break old habits I’ve recently been trying to take care of my nails and paint them (which makes me less likely to bite them). This time I wanted something cute but not over-the-top. As a result I painted little ladybirds on my nails with some nail pens that I had never really used. The only downside of doing this was that I had no top coat so the designs got a little cracked.

This was my first time creating a design with nail art pens. How does it look?

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