Little Witch

Hello! This is the first post I’ve probably done where it was almost up to date (I took these pictures yesterday).

Moving on… Yesterday my dad and I went to a figure drawing class, which we try to attend every Sunday. Since it was cold out I decided to wear some long socks with a skirt (one of the things I love to wear in fall). I ended up kind of looking like a little witch, but that’s okay because I’m already excited about Halloween and I like witches.

Striped socks and leggings were something I wore a lot in middle school. I should get some more…

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As usual, I’m wearing my trademark bow. This time it’s purple to match my shirt and socks. The shoes I’m wearing belonged to my mom and she’s had them for around 20 years. Their only flaw is just some scuffs in the front! This is why Doc Martens are one of my favorites.

I really need to work on my posing. I look so bored.

I don’t know if it’s noticeable, but I also tried out some makeup again. This would be my fourth try and my second time wearing it in public. I like the subtle look so I just smoked out some purple on the edges of my eyes, put on some pale purple blush, and used a lipstick by Stila in the color Brulee.

I think I pose better when caught off guard. My dad took a picture when I was looking at a dog. XD

Too bad I’m not standing up in any of these… The skirt is around knee length and drapes so nicely with little bows tied on the sides (if you haven’t noticed, bows are “my thing”).

That’s about it for this post. We drew from around 3-6:30 and then took a walk in the park nearby. I would post my art on here but since they’re mainly nudes and not fashion related, I decided against it.

Have a sweet day!



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