My Birthday

As usual, life and migraines (I’ve had chronic migraines since I was about three) have gotten in the way of my posting. Nevertheless, I am trying to make time. As I wrote in an Instagram post I would like to do an entry here on my birthday and how it went. I turned 18 on October 14th, but I honestly don’t really feel 18…

I made this on my phone. 🙂

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Every year I get very excited to go somewhere with my parents. This year, for dinner, we went to Korean barbecue restaurant called Mr. BBQ (how fitting).

It looks like the light chopped off a part of my leg…

All of the food was really good! I think we took great advantage of the buffet style service they have. We were all really hungry so we must have all had three plates of food…

Here’s what the table looked like.

Also, if you didn’t notice that sign in the picture before this, you get a free dinner with proof of your birthday! My food was free! (That’s the best kind of food.)

It says “Tuttibird Shucka”.

My dad gave me this card for my birthday. I know the name seems weird, but my parents have always had very odd nicknames for me. 🙂


And this is the card opened! My parents normally get me Peanuts themed cards every year because that was something we would watch every holiday as a child. We still watch them sometimes.

I’m still working on smiling normally in my pictures…

Even though my parents are divorced, they still take me out every year for my birthday as a family. They know it makes me happy, and I appreciate very much that they continue to do this. Not many parents will be comfortable doing so… So thanks, Mommy and Daddy, for giving me this present every year!

These are from a cute Hispanic café near us.

We obviously couldn’t forget a cake on such an occasion! We had these dulce de leche and tres leches flavored cakes (the Hispanic heritage within me will always love these).

My dad got this picture right as the candle was blown out. I don’t think it shows up though.

Luckily, the café also sold candles so I was able to make my little birthday wish!

This post is getting kind of long, so I will post the other days’ events later on. I hope everyone else with a recent birthday had a great time!



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