No Costume This Year?

I got asked this question plenty of times this Halloween, and it’s not even surprising because I honestly looked normal except for one thing… I was wearing shorts in autumn.

At least I had to wear long socks with it.

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For this year’s costume, I went as Pugsley Addams. Honestly, Cousin Itt was my first choice but being short of time and already planning to do a group costume for school, this was the outcome. Luckily I recently got a haircut which at least made this costume more recognizable (at least to the older people who truly knew the Addams Family).

Hey, at least I tried. I also needed a sweater or I’d freeze…

I surprisingly didn’t own a striped shirt, so I needed to buy one and I pair of shorts. The good thing about this costume is that I could easily wear the pieces as everyday clothing and nobody would question it.

Did you know that octopuses eat their limbs when they get bored?

In order to make the costume a bit more recognizable I got a toy octopus to carry around. In the cartoon they own a giant blue one named Aristotle. In the movies though, it’s small one that’s probably about the same color as the one I’m holding. He stayed in my hood all night.

Here’s my mom for the night.

As a group effort, I also had a Morticia and a Wednesday with me. However, my Wednesday didn’t want to trick-or-treat so here is Morticia. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to know who she was either.

I wonder if this leads to a magical land…

We found this really cute little entrance along the walkway of someone’s house. I kind of wanted to open the doors but that would’ve been rude since it’s not my property. At least I have a picture…

How about this, who’s like to help me come up with a story for this little entrance? Leave your ideas in the comments.

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween! Sorry for the delay.


Top: MS Basic
Shorts: Matchstick
Socks: not shown but I took them from my daddy
Shoes: Converse
Octopus: Fiesta


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