New Year, Hopeful Resolutions

As the New Year feelings are fading, I’d still like to keep up with my resolutions. One of the biggest ones is to work on my blog every chance I get and no matter what: bad lighting and no tripod can no longer be an excuse. So, despite the terrible quality and not remembering to take a picture the day of, here is the outfit I wore on New Year’s eve!


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The colors give it a Christmas-y feeling. This was not my intention though; I just didn’t have any black pants and I was rushing to get to work on time. Even when fashion bloggers (or anyone into fashion) make mistakes, we make it work!


These were the head accessories for the night. I tried to find a burgundy color to match my pants. The bow was on the side of my head opposite from my bangs so you could see it better.


I wore these cute boots for the night. I had worn black Converse for work but later decided to change into something that matched a little more.


Last, but not least, is the special piece of the night! I got this steampunk-ish clock necklace as a gift one year and due to its size I’ve barely worn it. This time it was able to find its way in when I thought of a way to make my outfit more fitting to the event. On New Year’s Eve, we do a count down to midnight, so I thought that having my own little clock would be a fun way to show that tradition.

My dad and I didn’t do much in terms of celebration for that year/this year. We don’t usually go to parties or even host them, but we used to go to Dave & Buster every year to play games and watch the ball drop. Unfortunately, the one we go to had some other thing going on… Instead, we enjoyed a dinner at Chili’s. We ended that by watching the ball drop and eating a chocolate lava cake.

Sorry for the bad quality and late post. Have a great New Year, try to stick to your resolutions, and don’t forget to love yourself and others!


Bow: Claire’s

Earrings: Charming Charlie

Necklace: unknown brand (it was a gift)

Sweater: unknown brand (from Ginger N’ Cream)

Jeans: Tinseltown (from Macy’s)

Boots: Steve Madden


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