I’m a “Watch Person” Now?

This post doesn’t contain affiliate links. However, I did receive this product at a discounted price and if you enter my code for 30% off (and free shipping) I get a small commission.

I’ve never really been into watches. Ever since I was little I didn’t understand the hype of a watch. According to many people, the watch is an essential to tell time, but to me all I need is my phone. As I got more interested in the world of fashion I noticed that watches, although meant for more practical purposes, could be used as a beautiful accessory.

The necessity for a watch increased once I got a job. We are not allowed to have our phones out while we’re working. The only option we have is to walk up to a mounted phone somewhere in the store to check the time… Or, we could wear a watch. After getting a follow from a company called Valere London on my Instagram, I went to their page to see what they did. To my surprise, they sold watches! Also, with them being a new looking company, and me being a new blogger in need of a watch, I took them up on their search for someone to collaborate with. (Lucky for me, they didn’t mind having a complete newbie promote their product. Most companies want you to either be famous or have 1,000 or so followers on your blog and Instagram.)


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As you can tell from the packaging, Valere London is a minimalist brand. Their watches are very clean cut and beautiful, allowing them to be worm at any time; any occasion.

For any vegan readers out there, the band of this watch is lined with real leather. If you still like the watch, they have one with a mesh band which looks even classier.

I chose their Primus Silver with blue suede strap. I’m not too familiar with suede, but I’m glad I got it because it’s very soft yet firm enough to stay fitted on your wrist. What I consider to be the best part is that the bands of the watches are interchangeable, so if it doesn’t match your look you can just swap it out.


This is the only picture I was able to take with the watch showing because it was so cold outside. You’ll probably see more of it in future posts.


The “a squirrel threw an acorn at my head” pose.


Here’s the full outfit! As always, I like to choose just a few colors to stick to: normally some neutrals and one stand out color. It makes things neat, yet interesting.


I don’t wear makeup very often, and I’m still a beginner, so my goal is to do a look every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) to improve. The makeup look for this outfit was subtle and soft, featuring a black shimmer eyeliner, sheer purple lip gloss, and some pink blush. I don’t like the feel of a full face of foundation and I really like the freckles and beauty marks that I have, so I only lightly covered some blemishes.

If you actually read everything, thanks! If you’ve just been waiting for the code, don’t worry, it’s coming up.


Beret: Adora (from Marshalls)
Earrings: Claire’s
Turtleneck: Style & Co. (from Macy’s)
Coat: Larry Levine
Watch: Valere London (code XOXO30)
Pants: Tommy Hilfiger
Socks: Sock Season
Shoes: Converse

Eyeliner: Beauty People, Shimmer Black
Blush: Style Essentials (from TJMaxx)
Lip gloss: Sephora’s Kissin’ Up Lip Gloss Set, Berry Jam (currently sold out)
Foundation: Clinique (not linked to my specific color)


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