Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion Exhibit

My dad and I went to this exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art around January. I’m going to share some pictures with you of my favorite pieces!

If you look closely, there’s a painting in the bubbles on the fabric.

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This may be my absolute favorite! I want a dress like this for myself.

I think this dress was made with Swarovski crystals, but I could be mistaken.

I’d also love to wear this coat. The shape of it looks Victorian.
A futuristic wedding may feature this ensemble.
This seems to complement the previous dress. Maybe it’s the bridesmaid dress for the futuristic wedding?
I love this kimono looking design! The bow is also ginormous, which makes me happy.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and got to experience this exhibit for yourself. A new outfit post will be coming soon now that I’m getting over a flu/possible virus. Have a great night!



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