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Sometimes I may go somewhere and take pictures so you may all enjoy it with me!


I finished this whole post, saved it, closed the app to get a snack, and when I opened it up again all of it was gone… I’ll try this again.

Recently my dad and I went out to buy a new plant. Although I have no pictures of the Cape Jasmine gardenia, whom I named Bunny, I do have pictures of the park we found on the way back home. 

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A Walk on the Beach

For spring break I’m in Florida, spending time with some of my family. Whenever I go to visit my aunt we make sure to exercise everyday, and today was a nice walk on the beach. Twice, actually! I couldn’t take pictures the first time because I didn’t want to get my phone wet (I went swimming with my little cousins) but the second time I could at least get some pictures of the beach.

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Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion Exhibit

My dad and I went to this exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art around January. I’m going to share some pictures with you of my favorite pieces!

If you look closely, there’s a painting in the bubbles on the fabric.

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No Costume This Year?

I got asked this question plenty of times this Halloween, and it’s not even surprising because I honestly looked normal except for one thing… I was wearing shorts in autumn.

At least I had to wear long socks with it.

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More Birthday Shenanigans

With my last post I wasn’t able to finish writing everything I did for my birthday. Although, technically these events were no longer on the day of my birth, they were still a part of the celebration.

The day after, and after I finished work, we went to my grandma’s house to have some ropa vieja (one of my favorite foods). For the cake she got me the usual ice cream cake. Every year for my birthday and my cousin’s birthday, she gets ice cream cake, and we (the birthday people) get to cut the pieces.

The 18 didn’t fully fit on the cake.

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