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Sometimes I may go somewhere and take pictures so you may all enjoy it with me!

Holiday Break

I’m currently back in school, enjoying learning but still wishing I could have stayed home longer. I really should have gotten more outfit pictures to blog about; we’ll have to settle with what I have for now. (Oh my, I started this post in January and still haven’t finished it. It’s already April…)

First is where I went over the holidays. My mom and I like to take pictures with the mall Santas, and we like to take “road trips,” so we went to Shorehill Mall for these!

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I think we had to walk through a Nordstrom to get into the rest of the mall. I saw this cute little snowman and immediately knew I needed a picture!

Going into the actual mall we passed by a bunch of nicely decorated stores. The one that really caught my eye was the Ralph Lauren store because the mannequins had teddy bear heads! I wish I could’ve gotten better pictures but there were so many people around I was afraid to get in their way or not be able to even get a picture. There was also a super cute bear sweater for little boys in there. It looked like it could have fit me though… Unfortunately the price and the time kept me from getting it. If I find it again I may get it…

This was the outfit I wore to take pictures with Santa. As usual, my posing skills are awful, but I made an attempt and the fake snow looked really cute. My mom and I were so happy that the Santa was sweet and didn’t mind her taking extra pictures with her phone. I now know that I really like the Santa at the Macy’s in New York City and the one at Shorehill’s Mall.

Although this was technically done after Christmas, I went on the Polar Express after years of wanting to experience the same fun from the movie. It was really exciting, but the ride itself was honestly pretty disappointing. The hot chocolate wasn’t really even warm and the ride must’ve been too short because they couldn’t really fit much of the story in. Also, we couldn’t take any pictures with Santa even when he passed by to hand out bells.

It’s alright though because I was still so happy! I even named the little penguin that my Grandma had given me years ago; it’s officially Pepe and the staff was kind enough to give him his own ticket and bell! My mom also got some really pretty mugs from the trip. They’re great for making your own hot chocolate.

Some time during the break I went to iHop with my cousin and ordered this cute snowman pancake breakfast. I decorated him myself, but he kind of looks like he got a nosebleed…

On to some gifts! This is something I’ve been wanting for maybe a year or two and first saw on Modcloth. It was great for my friend’s ugly sweater/birthday party and definitely not flashy enough where it can’t be worn other times. I still wore it past Christmas!

Next are some bows (yes, more bows) from a sweet girl I met recently on Instagram. Her username is eumoir and I’m not even sure how I found her page, but I saw that she was donating bows and asked if I could have the Adventure Time one. Lucky me, I was able to get another and they both came in time for Christmas! Her style is also really pretty; whoever reads this, please go check the link on her name for her page!

I gifted myself a beanie from Love Your Melon in my favorite color. They donate half of the money you spend to cancer research! It came with a personalized Snapchat filter, but I don’t have a Snapchat… The hat itself is very warm though, a perfect size for my head, and I ordered a reflector patch so I could also wear it at night without worrying too much about cars.

I was so excited to get something from Marzia Bisognin‘s clothing line! I’m only showing the label now so I can make another post and review about it later. (It also came with a heat projector for your hair but I don’t straighten my hair anymore so I gave it to my mommy.)

My daddy got my an Osumashi Pooh-chan lucky bag for Christmas! I will also show what was in here in separate post because it’s a lot.

Then, my big sister (not related but I love her lots) got me the cutest stationary ever for school! It was a great present because I actually needed new books and a folder for the new semester. Gudetama is the best, so I was especially happy to see a folder COVERED in his lazy self.

That’s it for now! I’m working on more content so hopefully an update will be coming soon. How have your holidays and breaks been? Anyone have spring weather yet?




I finished this whole post, saved it, closed the app to get a snack, and when I opened it up again all of it was gone… I’ll try this again.

Recently my dad and I went out to buy a new plant. Although I have no pictures of the Cape Jasmine gardenia, whom I named Bunny, I do have pictures of the park we found on the way back home. 

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I love walking in the park. The plants and flowers are beautiful and give off such a fresh scent and feeling. The animals are super cute, too! We saw some big squirrels and ducks were swimming in the streams. 

I also got to take some pictures of my outfit. I don’t know if I had plants in mind when I picked out what to wear, but I chose a green pair of overalls. They almost blended in with the park. 

I feel like I’m relaxing a little bit more in front of the camera. Anyway, I also thought of showing different ways to wear a cardigan in this post since it was a little chilly that day. This first one is a simple tying around the waist. It allows for easy access and you don’t have to carry it around. 

This one is even simpler: actually carry it around. If that causes any inconvenience you can also tie it to your bag. 

And for the most obvious one: just wear it. If you tie the two ends around your stomach or just below your chest it’ll look like a bolero!

For my makeup I did the usual baby, double winged eyeliner. For some more color I connected green from the lower outer v to around 1/4 in. Then I added a little gold to the inner corner of my eyes and a red-orange lip gloss. My earrings are some random sushi rolls with black, green, red, and gold to match everything else.

I altered the overalls since these pictures so they’ll be longer. Aside from that I hope to upload some more outfits soon! Have a great week little corvids!



  • Hair bow, Claire’s
  • Earrings, Charming Charlie
  • Sleeveless mock neck, Zenana Outfitters, small (Marshalls)
  • Overalls, American Eagle, medium (TJ Maxx)
  • Cardigan, belldini, large
  • Sandals, Clarks, 7


  • Liquid eyeliner, Revlon, blackest black
  • Eyeliner, Beauty People, glimmer gold (Memebox)
  • Eyeliner, Adrienne Vittadini, green (TJ Maxx)
  • Lip gloss, Sephora, Kissin’ Up Lip Gloss Set, soft red (out of stock)


A Walk on the Beach

For spring break I’m in Florida, spending time with some of my family. Whenever I go to visit my aunt we make sure to exercise everyday, and today was a nice walk on the beach. Twice, actually! I couldn’t take pictures the first time because I didn’t want to get my phone wet (I went swimming with my little cousins) but the second time I could at least get some pictures of the beach.

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While walking around I found some things I had wanted to take pictures of from before. There were some cute puppy paw prints in the sand, a tiny crab that thought he could hide from me, and a nice shot of the ocean. I’ve also been starting to take all of my pictures with the square frame so everything’s even.

The little crab is in the middle of this picture. He blends into the sand!

At one point I decided to take a “selfie” for my parents because my dad is back at home and my mom was quickly visiting a cousin of hers. As much as I don’t like being in the sun much, I really liked the beach we went to. It was so beautiful.

On to my outfit! Since I had already changed out of my bathing suit, I wanted to wear something comfortable for walking. The shirt was a gift from my aunt; she thought it was cute and it reminded her of the fart jokes my cousins (her children) and I tell each other. I love it!

Other than my shirt, the other stars of this outfit are my shoes. Converse are classics, but there is no reason for you to not want to change things up a bit. Maybe around the age of 10 I had gotten interested in different ways to lace up shoes. I saved a bunch of pictures on my iPad and just remembered about them. I chose the lattice design because it’s simple enough where it can often be ignored, yet when noticed it becomes a good conversation piece.

The lacing is also looser than the traditional way. This makes it easier to slip in and out.

I hope everyone is having a great spring break so far! Have fun, go outside, and maybe find different ways to jazz up your own wardrobe. Another outfit post and something new will be coming soon.


Bow= Claire’s

Top= Ohiya (from Geek Alliance)

Shorts= Style & Co (from Macy’s)

Shoes= Converse


Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion Exhibit

My dad and I went to this exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art around January. I’m going to share some pictures with you of my favorite pieces!

If you look closely, there’s a painting in the bubbles on the fabric.

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This may be my absolute favorite! I want a dress like this for myself.

I think this dress was made with Swarovski crystals, but I could be mistaken.

I’d also love to wear this coat. The shape of it looks Victorian.
A futuristic wedding may feature this ensemble.
This seems to complement the previous dress. Maybe it’s the bridesmaid dress for the futuristic wedding?
I love this kimono looking design! The bow is also ginormous, which makes me happy.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and got to experience this exhibit for yourself. A new outfit post will be coming soon now that I’m getting over a flu/possible virus. Have a great night!



No Costume This Year?

I got asked this question plenty of times this Halloween, and it’s not even surprising because I honestly looked normal except for one thing… I was wearing shorts in autumn.

At least I had to wear long socks with it.

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For this year’s costume, I went as Pugsley Addams. Honestly, Cousin Itt was my first choice but being short of time and already planning to do a group costume for school, this was the outcome. Luckily I recently got a haircut which at least made this costume more recognizable (at least to the older people who truly knew the Addams Family).

Hey, at least I tried. I also needed a sweater or I’d freeze…

I surprisingly didn’t own a striped shirt, so I needed to buy one and I pair of shorts. The good thing about this costume is that I could easily wear the pieces as everyday clothing and nobody would question it.

Did you know that octopuses eat their limbs when they get bored?

In order to make the costume a bit more recognizable I got a toy octopus to carry around. In the cartoon they own a giant blue one named Aristotle. In the movies though, it’s small one that’s probably about the same color as the one I’m holding. He stayed in my hood all night.

Here’s my mom for the night.

As a group effort, I also had a Morticia and a Wednesday with me. However, my Wednesday didn’t want to trick-or-treat so here is Morticia. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to know who she was either.

I wonder if this leads to a magical land…

We found this really cute little entrance along the walkway of someone’s house. I kind of wanted to open the doors but that would’ve been rude since it’s not my property. At least I have a picture…

How about this, who’s like to help me come up with a story for this little entrance? Leave your ideas in the comments.

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween! Sorry for the delay.


Top: MS Basic
Shorts: Matchstick
Socks: not shown but I took them from my daddy
Shoes: Converse
Octopus: Fiesta