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As the title suggests, this category is for outfits. I will have daily looks as well as styling tips.

Holiday Break

I’m currently back in school, enjoying learning but still wishing I could have stayed home longer. I really should have gotten more outfit pictures to blog about; we’ll have to settle with what I have for now. (Oh my, I started this post in January and still haven’t finished it. It’s already April…)

First is where I went over the holidays. My mom and I like to take pictures with the mall Santas, and we like to take “road trips,” so we went to Shorehill Mall for these!


Super Casual, but Still Cute

I was dressing more casual before the new year started; I guess because I knew I’d dress up for New Year’s Eve. Whenever I want to dress casual I usually pick a shirt with a cute graphic or a funny saying, that way it won’t be too boring and still show my personal style.

First is a gym look. Bright colors and the usual eye-catching designs of athletic wear just don’t appeal to me, so I tried to add some fun and color with my shoes and socks.  The puppy socks I showed in an earlier post are not only cute, they also help to keep my shoes from rubbing my ankle too much. The shirt I got one time while training with my aunt at the gym she goes to. It’s funny so it kind of keeps me motivated to enjoy what I’m doing.

I wore this to yoga so the socks and shoes weren’t really necessary. They completed the outfit though.

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Terrible Mirror Pictures and Mostly Socks: University Haul

I’m still trying to blog whenever I can. Being in university and not yet knowing how to take good pictures on my own, we’ll have to settle with my terrible mirror pictures. Without further ado, here is my mini haul!


I am always adding things from the site to my wish list… Since I obviously can’t buy everything I like, I try to narrow it down to things I absolutely love or may need so I won’t have unworn clothing.

1. Socks!

I have a few things that I like getting a variety of, and socks are one of them.

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Valere London: Minimal Timepieces

I was not paid to review this nor are there affiliate links in this post. I was, however, given a 40% off discount for my watch. All opinions are still my own and I thank Valere London for letting me promote their product. If you’d like a watch from them you may use the code XOXO30 at checkout for 30% off and free shipping!

I was thinking, with my watch, maybe I should make a full review now. I’ve worn it enough times where I can actually report back in a better way!

First off is a few sets I made using Polyvore for inspiration and ideas on what to wear the watch with. Everything should be linked in the pictures; just click on them if you’re interested in something from the set.

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I finished this whole post, saved it, closed the app to get a snack, and when I opened it up again all of it was gone… I’ll try this again.

Recently my dad and I went out to buy a new plant. Although I have no pictures of the Cape Jasmine gardenia, whom I named Bunny, I do have pictures of the park we found on the way back home. 

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