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As the title suggests, this category is for outfits. I will have daily looks as well as styling tips.

Terrible Mirror Pictures and Mostly Socks: University Haul

I’m still trying to blog whenever I can. Being in university and not yet knowing how to take good pictures on my own, we’ll have to settle with my terrible mirror pictures. Without further ado, here is my mini haul!


I am always adding things from the site to my wishlist… Since I obviously can’t buy everything I like, I try to narrow it down to things I absolutely love or may need so I won’t have unworn clothing.

1. Socks!

I have a few things that I like getting a variety of, and socks are one of them.

Excuse the toilet paper. Some people don’t seem to understand that it doesn’t belong strewn across the floor…

2. A kitty shirt

I like dressy shirts, and one with cats on it could not be passed up. 

3. Blue oxfords

If you know me well, you know I have to have some type of color match in my outfits. I own a lot more blue than clothes than I thought so when I saw these shoes I was immediately drawn to them. They’re kind of slippery, but I assume that now wear will take that slide off the bottoms. 

Sock Season

Obviously… MORE SOCKS! 

I was actually looking for socks to go to the gym or play tennis with. My workout outfits are usually very plain so I wanted to make them stand out a bit. I think these puppy socks do the job, and they cover the part of my ankle that sometimes gets scraped by my shoes. 

Campus Store: School Apparel

I actually only wear the shirts I was given by the school to go to sleep because, for me, they just don’t look like something I’d wear frequently. To show my school spirit in another way, I got a nice long sleeved shirt and sweater. It gets pretty cold here, although it isn’t much different from back home. 

The last thing I’m mentioning technically shouldn’t be part of the haul. However, my mom bought me bows in the beginning of my school year so I’m counting them. 


Bows are kind of my “staple item.” If I’m not wearing a bow somewhere on my head I’m probably not feeling well. Knowing this, my clever mom bought me some to match other outfits. She even took into account textures and materials! *high five to my mommy*

Now I’ll show a little bit more of the outfits that go with my haul. As the title mentions, get ready for some more bad quality mirror pictures!

I won’t be putting links to anything in this post because you’ll definitely be seeing these again and I just really want to finally release some content. If you have any questions on what it’s like to live on campus, school related things, or my outfits, feel free to ask in the comments! Have a great day little corvids!


Valere London: Minimal Timepieces

I was not paid to review this nor are there affiliate links in this post. I was, however, given a 40% off discount for my watch. All opinions are still my own and I thank Valere London for letting me promote their product. If you’d like a watch from them you may use the code XOXO30 at checkout for 30% off and free shipping!

I was thinking, with my watch, maybe I should make a full review now. I’ve worn it enough times where I can actually report back in a better way!

First off is a few sets I made using Polyvore for inspiration and ideas on what to wear the watch with. Everything should be linked in the pictures; just click on them if you’re interested in something from the set.

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I finished this whole post, saved it, closed the app to get a snack, and when I opened it up again all of it was gone… I’ll try this again.

Recently my dad and I went out to buy a new plant. Although I have no pictures of the Cape Jasmine gardenia, whom I named Bunny, I do have pictures of the park we found on the way back home. 

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Dr. Martens on Repeat

If you’ve seen my other posts you may have noticed how much I love Dr. Martens. I have shown three pairs out of the four I own so far, and if I could I’d get more. The simple designs make them versatile, yet they are very unique; and the quality is amazing. My black derby shoes from them are around 20 years old, handed down from my mom, and the only flaws are some scuffs in the front.

Moving on to my first outfit I wore my red derby shoes. They’re always the stars of my outfits.

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A Walk on the Beach

For spring break I’m in Florida, spending time with some of my family. Whenever I go to visit my aunt we make sure to exercise everyday, and today was a nice walk on the beach. Twice, actually! I couldn’t take pictures the first time because I didn’t want to get my phone wet (I went swimming with my little cousins) but the second time I could at least get some pictures of the beach.

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