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As the title suggests, this category is for outfits. I will have daily looks as well as styling tips.

Holiday Break

I’m currently back in school, enjoying learning but still wishing I could have stayed home longer. I really should have gotten more outfit pictures to blog about; we’ll have to settle with what I have for now. (Oh my, I started this post in January and still haven’t finished it. It’s already April…)

First is where I went over the holidays. My mom and I like to take pictures with the mall Santas, and we like to take “road trips,” so we went to Shorehill Mall for these!

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I think we had to walk through a Nordstrom to get into the rest of the mall. I saw this cute little snowman and immediately knew I needed a picture!

Going into the actual mall we passed by a bunch of nicely decorated stores. The one that really caught my eye was the Ralph Lauren store because the mannequins had teddy bear heads! I wish I could’ve gotten better pictures but there were so many people around I was afraid to get in their way or not be able to even get a picture. There was also a super cute bear sweater for little boys in there. It looked like it could have fit me though… Unfortunately the price and the time kept me from getting it. If I find it again I may get it…

This was the outfit I wore to take pictures with Santa. As usual, my posing skills are awful, but I made an attempt and the fake snow looked really cute. My mom and I were so happy that the Santa was sweet and didn’t mind her taking extra pictures with her phone. I now know that I really like the Santa at the Macy’s in New York City and the one at Shorehill’s Mall.

Although this was technically done after Christmas, I went on the Polar Express after years of wanting to experience the same fun from the movie. It was really exciting, but the ride itself was honestly pretty disappointing. The hot chocolate wasn’t really even warm and the ride must’ve been too short because they couldn’t really fit much of the story in. Also, we couldn’t take any pictures with Santa even when he passed by to hand out bells.

It’s alright though because I was still so happy! I even named the little penguin that my Grandma had given me years ago; it’s officially Pepe and the staff was kind enough to give him his own ticket and bell! My mom also got some really pretty mugs from the trip. They’re great for making your own hot chocolate.

Some time during the break I went to iHop with my cousin and ordered this cute snowman pancake breakfast. I decorated him myself, but he kind of looks like he got a nosebleed…

On to some gifts! This is something I’ve been wanting for maybe a year or two and first saw on Modcloth. It was great for my friend’s ugly sweater/birthday party and definitely not flashy enough where it can’t be worn other times. I still wore it past Christmas!

Next are some bows (yes, more bows) from a sweet girl I met recently on Instagram. Her username is eumoir and I’m not even sure how I found her page, but I saw that she was donating bows and asked if I could have the Adventure Time one. Lucky me, I was able to get another and they both came in time for Christmas! Her style is also really pretty; whoever reads this, please go check the link on her name for her page!

I gifted myself a beanie from Love Your Melon in my favorite color. They donate half of the money you spend to cancer research! It came with a personalized Snapchat filter, but I don’t have a Snapchat… The hat itself is very warm though, a perfect size for my head, and I ordered a reflector patch so I could also wear it at night without worrying too much about cars.

I was so excited to get something from Marzia Bisognin‘s clothing line! I’m only showing the label now so I can make another post and review about it later. (It also came with a heat projector for your hair but I don’t straighten my hair anymore so I gave it to my mommy.)

My daddy got my an Osumashi Pooh-chan lucky bag for Christmas! I will also show what was in here in separate post because it’s a lot.

Then, my big sister (not related but I love her lots) got me the cutest stationary ever for school! It was a great present because I actually needed new books and a folder for the new semester. Gudetama is the best, so I was especially happy to see a folder COVERED in his lazy self.

That’s it for now! I’m working on more content so hopefully an update will be coming soon. How have your holidays and breaks been? Anyone have spring weather yet?



Super Casual, but Still Cute

I was dressing more casual before the new year started; I guess because I knew I’d dress up for New Year’s Eve. Whenever I want to dress casual I usually pick a shirt with a cute graphic or a funny saying, that way it won’t be too boring and still show my personal style.

First is a gym look. Bright colors and the usual eye-catching designs of athletic wear just don’t appeal to me, so I tried to add some fun and color with my shoes and socks.  The puppy socks I showed in an earlier post are not only cute, they also help to keep my shoes from rubbing my ankle too much. The shirt I got one time while training with my aunt at the gym she goes to. It’s funny so it kind of keeps me motivated to enjoy what I’m doing.

I wore this to yoga so the socks and shoes weren’t really necessary. They completed the outfit though.

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The second outfit was just a lazy day outfit. The boots make it look a little less lazy and the leg warmers underneath add a soft, cozy touch.

I actually prefer turkey bacon…

Of course, with such cold weather I needed a thick sweater to go with it! I think this has been my go-to sweater when I’m too lazy to dress up since I got it.

As a side note, I actually don’t find jeans comfortable. However, I bought two pairs after getting a gift card for Kohl’s one year and decided to give them another try. I still don’t really like jeans but they’re good for a casual look and for those that actually think they’re comfortable. I prefer either regular pants or the alternative jean-leggings.

The last outfit is what I probably spent the least amount of time on because I already knew I needed to wear sneakers and something kind of warm. All I did was find a shirt that matched the color of my shoes, choose my go-to sweater, and a grey pair of pants. These pants are actually alright to walk in because they’re “jeggings” but I still don’t like how these particular ones fit so maybe this time I’ll remember to either donate or sell them (I keep forgetting and accidentally stick them back in my closet).

My friend ordered this customized shirt for me one year. My family really does seem to put Goya on everything!

I forgot to take pictures of my other outfits, and probably didn’t have time either. Hopefully they can inspire someone to make even their lazy day outfits a little more fun!

I have more posts on my list so be on the lookout for those. Happy holidays little corvids!



Terrible Mirror Pictures and Mostly Socks: University Haul

I’m still trying to blog whenever I can. Being in university and not yet knowing how to take good pictures on my own, we’ll have to settle with my terrible mirror pictures. Without further ado, here is my mini haul!


I am always adding things from the site to my wish list… Since I obviously can’t buy everything I like, I try to narrow it down to things I absolutely love or may need so I won’t have unworn clothing.

1. Socks!

I have a few things that I like getting a variety of, and socks are one of them.

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Excuse the toilet paper. Some people don’t seem to understand that it doesn’t belong strewn across the floor…

2. A kitty shirt

I like dressy shirts, and one with cats on it could not be passed up.

3. Blue oxfords

If you know me well, you know I must have some type of color match in my outfits. I own a lot more blue than clothes than I thought so when I saw these shoes I was immediately drawn to them. They’re kind of slippery, but I assume that now wear will take that slide off the bottoms.

Sock Season

Obviously… MORE SOCKS! 

I was actually looking for socks to go to the gym or play tennis with. My workout outfits are usually very plain so I wanted to make them stand out a bit. I think these puppy socks do the job, and they cover the part of my ankle that sometimes gets scraped by my shoes.

Campus Store: School Apparel

I actually only wear the shirts I was given by the school to go to sleep because, for me, they just don’t look like something I’d wear often. To show my school spirit in another way, I got a nice long-sleeved shirt and sweater. It gets pretty cold here, although it isn’t much different from back home.

The last thing I’m mentioning technically shouldn’t be part of the haul. However, my mom bought me bows in the beginning of my school year so I’m counting them.


Bows are kind of my “staple item.” If I’m not wearing a bow somewhere on my head I’m probably not feeling well. Knowing this, my clever mom bought me some to match other outfits. She even took into account textures and materials! *high-five to my mommy*

Now I’ll show a little bit more of the outfits that go with my haul. As the title mentions, get ready for some more bad quality mirror pictures!

I won’t be putting links to anything in this post because you’ll definitely be seeing these again and I just really want to finally release some content. If you have any questions on what it’s like to live on campus, school related things, or my outfits, feel free to ask in the comments! Have a great day little corvids!



Valere London: Minimal Timepieces

I was not paid to review this nor are there affiliate links in this post. I was, however, given a 40% off discount for my watch. All opinions are still my own and I thank Valere London for letting me promote their product. If you’d like a watch from them you may use the code XOXO30 at checkout for 30% off and free shipping!

I was thinking, with my watch, maybe I should make a full review now. I’ve worn it enough times where I can actually report back in a better way!

First off is a few sets I made using Polyvore for inspiration and ideas on what to wear the watch with. Everything should be linked in the pictures; just click on them if you’re interested in something from the set.

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On to the full review! I love the way that I can basically wear this watch with any outfit. If you were to get one of their mesh ones, like my dad, you would have an even bigger range of outfits to wear it with because you’d no longer have a specific color to coordinate. Luckily, I have a good amount of blue clothing and other colors that blend nicely with blue.

My dad wears his watch on his days off from work because those are his “fancy days.”

One of the biggest things that drew me toward Valere London’s watches is the fact that you can change the bands. I love things that are functional, practical, and still allow you to match your style. Especially for people who change their style daily, it’s a great way to mix and match without needing to buy more accessories.


Along with that, here are some pros and cons of the watch that I have found and consider important to know. Hopefully I have not missed anything.


  • Bands are interchangeable
  • The watch face is big (I know this may be a con for some, but I like that it’s easier to see)
  • There’s no annoying ticking noise
  • It’s firmly built, no flimsy band
  • It can be worn with practically everything as it’s a statement piece, yet minimal
  • You get a lot of compliments (well, I have)


  • The big watch face may get uncomfortable at times on smaller wrists
  • Their collection is kind of small compared to other companies (they’re still kind of new)
  • The bands are still not sold separately

I hope you enjoyed this post and getting a better view on my watch by Valere London. Now that I’m starting college soon may consider making a back to school/school essentials post. Have a great week and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Valere London (don’t forget to use the code XOXO30)




I finished this whole post, saved it, closed the app to get a snack, and when I opened it up again all of it was gone… I’ll try this again.

Recently my dad and I went out to buy a new plant. Although I have no pictures of the Cape Jasmine gardenia, whom I named Bunny, I do have pictures of the park we found on the way back home. 

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I love walking in the park. The plants and flowers are beautiful and give off such a fresh scent and feeling. The animals are super cute, too! We saw some big squirrels and ducks were swimming in the streams. 

I also got to take some pictures of my outfit. I don’t know if I had plants in mind when I picked out what to wear, but I chose a green pair of overalls. They almost blended in with the park. 

I feel like I’m relaxing a little bit more in front of the camera. Anyway, I also thought of showing different ways to wear a cardigan in this post since it was a little chilly that day. This first one is a simple tying around the waist. It allows for easy access and you don’t have to carry it around. 

This one is even simpler: actually carry it around. If that causes any inconvenience you can also tie it to your bag. 

And for the most obvious one: just wear it. If you tie the two ends around your stomach or just below your chest it’ll look like a bolero!

For my makeup I did the usual baby, double winged eyeliner. For some more color I connected green from the lower outer v to around 1/4 in. Then I added a little gold to the inner corner of my eyes and a red-orange lip gloss. My earrings are some random sushi rolls with black, green, red, and gold to match everything else.

I altered the overalls since these pictures so they’ll be longer. Aside from that I hope to upload some more outfits soon! Have a great week little corvids!



  • Hair bow, Claire’s
  • Earrings, Charming Charlie
  • Sleeveless mock neck, Zenana Outfitters, small (Marshalls)
  • Overalls, American Eagle, medium (TJ Maxx)
  • Cardigan, belldini, large
  • Sandals, Clarks, 7


  • Liquid eyeliner, Revlon, blackest black
  • Eyeliner, Beauty People, glimmer gold (Memebox)
  • Eyeliner, Adrienne Vittadini, green (TJ Maxx)
  • Lip gloss, Sephora, Kissin’ Up Lip Gloss Set, soft red (out of stock)