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Should I Put Music In My Posts?

Hello little corvids! I will be uploading more content as soon as I finish tweaking the blog to my liking, but for now I have a question for you. Do any of you like listening to music while you read a blog? I like to listen to jazz or classical music when I read things, so I thought it would help you to understand the type of person I am a little more. Here’s a poll for you to vote on so you can help me to make my final decision. The input of my viewers means a lot to me. 🙂

Coming Soon
Total Votes : 8


Hello there. I’m the little raven that runs this blog. I’m also completely new to blogging, so bear with me… With this blog I hope to help others find their own personal style, as well as work on my own. The main point will be petite, curvy fashion (almost sounds like an oxymoron) since that is my personal build, but I will still include all of the other body types out there when I can and maybe throw in some lifestyle posts.

Now that I’ve broadly introduced this blog, I hope you stick around for new content. I plan not to disappoint.