Dr. Martens on Repeat

If you’ve seen my other posts you may have noticed how much I love Dr. Martens. I have shown three pairs out of the four I own so far, and if I could I’d get more. The simple designs make them versatile, yet they are very unique; and the quality is amazing. My black derby shoes from them are around 20 years old, handed down from my mom, and the only flaws are some scuffs in the front.

Moving on to my first outfit I wore my red derby shoes. They’re always the stars of my outfits.

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I matched them with a red hair bow and an all black outfit. The sweater was given to me by my mom. I’m so glad too because it looks steampunk-ish, one of my big fashion inspirations.

The changing room mirror will have to do…

You may be able to better see the peplum from this angle. It gives a really nice shape and adds a simple flare. I would have worn pants instead to go with the “prince” look my hair had dried into (it looked slightly slicked back when I woke up) but I decided against it.

The floral print wasn’t the focus this time…

On to the second outfit: I wore my ribbon laced boots, a striped cardigan, a burgundy dress, and a black hat with a bow on it. The striped socks sadly couldn’t be seen under my boots.

I tried working on my flat lays again since I had already put on my pajamas before I remembered to take a picture. How does it look?

My plushies like to hang around my window sill.

My makeup for the day consisted of solely a tinted lip gloss. It makes the outfit look more together, in my opinion. I was thinking of adding some color to my cheeks but I blush very easily – it ranges from a rosy color to a bright red – so that was also skipped.

You’ll definitely be seeing more of my Dr. Martens in the future! If I’m lucky, maybe I can wear my favorite buckled boots some time (they remind me of American McGee’s Alice). I hope you liked the outfits and stick around for more!


Outfit 1

  • Hair bow, Claire’s
  • Sleeveless mock neck, Zenana Outfitters, small (from Marshalls)
  • Sweater, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, medium
  • Skirt, BCX girl, large
  • Shoes, Dr. Martens, 7.5 (from Vinted)

Outfit 2

  • Hat (gift from a friend)
  • Cardigan, Merona, medium (from Target)
  • Dress, Divided H&M, 8
  • Boots, Dr. Martens, 7


  • Lip gloss, Kissin’ Up Lip Gloss Set by Sephora (currently sold out), holiday berry

*I’m usually a size medium in clothing and a size 7 in shoes, but some brands run differently. Tell me your thoughts on including the clothing sizes. Is it helpful?


A Walk on the Beach

For spring break I’m in Florida, spending time with some of my family. Whenever I go to visit my aunt we make sure to exercise everyday, and today was a nice walk on the beach. Twice, actually! I couldn’t take pictures the first time because I didn’t want to get my phone wet (I went swimming with my little cousins) but the second time I could at least get some pictures of the beach.

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While walking around I found some things I had wanted to take pictures of from before. There were some cute puppy paw prints in the sand, a tiny crab that thought he could hide from me, and a nice shot of the ocean. I’ve also been starting to take all of my pictures with the square frame so everything’s even.

The little crab is in the middle of this picture. He blends into the sand!

At one point I decided to take a “selfie” for my parents because my dad is back at home and my mom was quickly visiting a cousin of hers. As much as I don’t like being in the sun much, I really liked the beach we went to. It was so beautiful.

On to my outfit! Since I had already changed out of my bathing suit, I wanted to wear something comfortable for walking. The shirt was a gift from my aunt; she thought it was cute and it reminded her of the fart jokes my cousins (her children) and I tell each other. I love it!

Other than my shirt, the other stars of this outfit are my shoes. Converse are classics, but there is no reason for you to not want to change things up a bit. Maybe around the age of 10 I had gotten interested in different ways to lace up shoes. I saved a bunch of pictures on my iPad and just remembered about them. I chose the lattice design because it’s simple enough where it can often be ignored, yet when noticed it becomes a good conversation piece.

The lacing is also looser than the traditional way. This makes it easier to slip in and out.

I hope everyone is having a great spring break so far! Have fun, go outside, and maybe find different ways to jazz up your own wardrobe. Another outfit post and something new will be coming soon.


Bow= Claire’s

Top= Ohiya (from Geek Alliance)

Shorts= Style & Co (from Macy’s)

Shoes= Converse


Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion Exhibit

My dad and I went to this exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art around January. I’m going to share some pictures with you of my favorite pieces!

If you look closely, there’s a painting in the bubbles on the fabric.

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This may be my absolute favorite! I want a dress like this for myself.

I think this dress was made with Swarovski crystals, but I could be mistaken.

I’d also love to wear this coat. The shape of it looks Victorian.
A futuristic wedding may feature this ensemble.
This seems to complement the previous dress. Maybe it’s the bridesmaid dress for the futuristic wedding?
I love this kimono looking design! The bow is also ginormous, which makes me happy.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and got to experience this exhibit for yourself. A new outfit post will be coming soon now that I’m getting over a flu/possible virus. Have a great night!



Saint Valentine, Mini Lookbook

This post contains a previously sponsored product. If you are interested in a watch from Valere London please refer to I’m a “Watch Person” Now?

Here’s my, way overdue, mini Valentine’s Day look book. Since I had attended a Valentine’s party before the actual day, I have two outfits to show you. The main feature of my first outfit is actually the makeup!

I love this eyeliner design. I feel like I’d wear it other times as well!

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I was inspired by naturallybellexo‘s heart eyeliner tutorial on YouTube. I didn’t have any heart stickers though so I freehanded it. I don’t think I did that bad! I paired the eyeliner with some subtle eye shadow just to give some more shape to my eyes, and a peachy “nude” lipstick. (I’ve been looking for an almost perfect nude for my skin color.)

On the mannequin it almost looks like Patricia, one of Kevin’s personalities, from Split.

I tried to keep it pretty simple so my eyes may be the focus of the outfit. I wanted to keep to the usual Valentine’s Day colors like red and pink. I don’t like pink though, so I wore a red turtleneck instead. I had originally wanted to wear my red pencil skirt but the top I wanted to pair it with wasn’t clean.

I got these a while back for a party.

I also wore some heels, something I rarely ever do. These heels are luckily super comfortable!

For the day of Valentine’s a decided to wear something a bit more festive. Working at Marshalls helped me find the perfect blouse for the occasion.

The lighting is terrible, I know… Look at the cute blouse!

This blouse was my focus of the outfit, and my way of trying new things. I’ve never had a blouse (that’s not an exaggeration) with such a noticeable sleeve cutout or neckline. I just couldn’t pass up the little hearts, and it’s subtle enough to be worn any other day. I also got a lot of compliments… Yes!

My hand is on top of my iPad, not a laptop.

(You may notice that I’m wearing my blue polka-dot pants in this picture. I wasn’t able to take a picture of my accessories on the day of.)

Of course, I had to wear my new watch with this outfit because the colors all go together. To match metals I also wore a silver ring with some Celtic knot design. My real name, Brenna, is an Irish name so I thought it would be cute to have.

I’ve worn these shoes close to every day since I’ve gotten them.

Here we end at the shoes. They’re sort of plain but have a very clean and cute look about them. Again, they’re also very comfortable because I think comfort and practicality should be top priorities.

I hope you enjoyed my mini lookbook and have a nice day! Don’t forget to show your loved ones that you care at any chance you get. Valentine’s Day is not the only day love should be expressed!


Outfit 1

Turtleneck: Style & Co (from Macy’s)

Skirt: H&M

Heels: Easy Spirit

Outfit 1: Makeup

Lipstick: Maybelline, Clay Crush

Eyeliner: Beauty People, Glimmer Black

Eyeshadow: Ulta

Blush: Style Essentials (from TJMaxx)

Outfit 2

Cardigan: Verve amí (from Marshalls)

Blouse: Dalia (from Marshalls)

Watch: Valere London

Ring: unknown brand

Skirt: Garage

Shoes: Naturalizer


Winter Flowers

There’s apparently some idea going around that floral print is only for Spring. Although I’m personally not a fan of floral print, I have two pieces with it in my closet: my boots. They gave me the idea to show those that love florals but are on the fence about using them outside of warmer weather that they can definitely wear them “outside of season” as long as they know how to style them. For me, instead of having a pop of color, I had a pop of flowers!

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Here’s a closeup so you can see them better!

The way I incorporated the floral print is subtle but it could easily be done with, let’s say a full floral dress, if the colors were more muted or if the flowers depicted commonly bloomed during the fall or winter.

As usual, matching the colors of what you want to stand out with a few other things (or making everything else neutral) sometimes helps to make them more noticeable. I chose a burgundy coat to go with the darker flowers and wore some pinkish makeup to go with the lighter ones.

Don’t forget, once you find your own way to show off your winter florals, have fun! You have beat the odds and shown the world that the “rules” of fashion can be broken.

Now that I’m starting to include makeup in my outfits, here’s what it looked like.

I wore a beige pink blush and a pink glittery lip gloss. The glitter was kind of annoying but that was the only lip gloss that had the pink I was looking for.

On my eyes I used all matte shades to go against the glitter in my lip gloss. I think I mixed a dusty rose and maroon color, and I used a burgundy eyeliner.

To pull the look together I wore a burgundy colored bow, diamond earrings, and this little puppy ring. It reminds me of my dog, Mr. Bean (short for Mr. Cocoa Bean), who unfortunately passed away last summer.

I hope this may inspire some people to wear their florals no matter what time of year. A bit of fashion experimentation can’t harm anyone, so why not?!



Bow: Claire’s

Earrings: unknown brand (from Macy’s)

Glasses: Chelsea Morgan (prescription from the optometrist)

Turtleneck: Style & Co (from Macy’s)

Dress: Banana Republic

Coat: H&M

Boots: Dr. Martens



Eyeshadow: Ulta

Eyeliner: Beauty People, Glimmer Burgundy

Blush: Ulta  (came in 12-piece free gift BOGO)

Lip Gloss: Sephora’s Kissin’ Up Lip Gloss set, Festive Pink (currently sold out)

Foundation: Clinique, Fresh Beige