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Super Casual, but Still Cute

I was dressing more casual before the new year started; I guess because I knew I’d dress up for New Year’s Eve. Whenever I want to dress casual I usually pick a shirt with a cute graphic or a funny saying, that way it won’t be too boring and still show my personal style.

First is a gym look. Bright colors and the usual eye-catching designs of athletic wear just don’t appeal to me, so I tried to add some fun and color with my shoes and socks.¬† The puppy socks I showed in an¬†earlier post are not only cute, they also help to keep my shoes from rubbing my ankle too much. The shirt I got one time while training with my aunt at the gym she goes to. It’s funny so it kind of keeps me motivated to enjoy what I’m doing.

I wore this to yoga so the socks and shoes weren’t really necessary. They completed the outfit though.

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