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Super Casual, but Still Cute

I was dressing more casual before the new year started; I guess because I knew I’d dress up for New Year’s Eve. Whenever I want to dress casual I usually pick a shirt with a cute graphic or a funny saying, that way it won’t be too boring and still show my personal style.

First is a gym look. Bright colors and the usual eye-catching designs of athletic wear just don’t appeal to me, so I tried to add some fun and color with my shoes and socks.¬† The puppy socks I showed in an¬†earlier post are not only cute, they also help to keep my shoes from rubbing my ankle too much. The shirt I got one time while training with my aunt at the gym she goes to. It’s funny so it kind of keeps me motivated to enjoy what I’m doing.

I wore this to yoga so the socks and shoes weren’t really necessary. They completed the outfit though.

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The second outfit was just a lazy day outfit. The boots make it look a little less lazy and the leg warmers underneath add a soft, cozy touch.

I actually prefer turkey bacon…

Of course, with such cold weather I needed a thick sweater to go with it! I think this has been my go-to sweater when I’m too lazy to dress up since I got it.

As a side note, I actually don’t find jeans comfortable. However, I bought two pairs after getting a gift card for Kohl’s one year and decided to give them another try. I still don’t really like jeans but they’re good for a casual look and for those that actually think they’re comfortable. I prefer either regular pants or the alternative jean-leggings.

The last outfit is what I probably spent the least amount of time on because I already knew I needed to wear sneakers and something kind of warm. All I did was find a shirt that matched the color of my shoes, choose my go-to sweater, and a grey pair of pants. These pants are actually alright to walk in because they’re “jeggings” but I still don’t like how these particular ones fit so maybe this time I’ll remember to either donate or sell them (I keep forgetting and accidentally stick them back in my closet).

My friend ordered this customized shirt for me one year. My family really does seem to put Goya on everything!

I forgot to take pictures of my other outfits, and probably didn’t have time either. Hopefully they can inspire someone to make even their lazy day outfits a little more fun!

I have more posts on my list so be on the lookout for those. Happy holidays little corvids!