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Valere London: Minimal Timepieces

I was not paid to review this nor are there affiliate links in this post. I was, however, given a 40% off discount for my watch. All opinions are still my own and I thank Valere London for letting me promote their product. If you’d like a watch from them you may use the code XOXO30 at checkout for 30% off and free shipping!

I was thinking, with my watch, maybe I should make a full review now. I’ve worn it enough times where I can actually report back in a better way!

First off is a few sets I made using Polyvore for inspiration and ideas on what to wear the watch with. Everything should be linked in the pictures; just click on them if you’re interested in something from the set.

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On to the full review! I love the way that I can basically wear this watch with any outfit. If you were to get one of their mesh ones, like my dad, you would have an even bigger range of outfits to wear it with because you’d no longer have a specific color to coordinate. Luckily, I have a good amount of blue clothing and other colors that blend nicely with blue.

My dad wears his watch on his days off from work because those are his “fancy days.”

One of the biggest things that drew me toward Valere London’s watches is the fact that you can change the bands. I love things that are functional, practical, and still allow you to match your style. Especially for people who change their style daily, it’s a great way to mix and match without needing to buy more accessories.


Along with that, here are some pros and cons of the watch that I have found and consider important to know. Hopefully I have not missed anything.


  • Bands are interchangeable
  • The watch face is big (I know this may be a con for some, but I like that it’s easier to see)
  • There’s no annoying ticking noise
  • It’s firmly built, no flimsy band
  • It can be worn with practically everything as it’s a statement piece, yet minimal
  • You get a lot of compliments (well, I have)


  • The big watch face may get uncomfortable at times on smaller wrists
  • Their collection is kind of small compared to other companies (they’re still kind of new)
  • The bands are still not sold separately

I hope you enjoyed this post and getting a better view on my watch by Valere London. Now that I’m starting college soon may consider making a back to school/school essentials post. Have a great week and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Valere London (don’t forget to use the code XOXO30)